I'll never say anything right

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This attempt at a 365 began on my Golden Birthday in 2013.
Let's see if you can keep up. I am not an adult.

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This is what I say.

"Are you in love with me?"
“Good, cause I’m in love with you.”

2014 11th September

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2014 8th September

2014 8th September

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2014 29th August

2014 29th August

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I was walking to lunch today with some of the people from my class, and we were outside for less than a minute before it started pouring rain on us. My shoes got completely soaked and slippery from the rain so I decided that when I walked back after we ate I was gonna just take off my shoes so I didn’t fall. After eating we start walking back to the school building. I’m carrying my shoes, and right as we get to the doors of the building I completely pull a “banana peel” cartoon type of fall and land right on my knee. This woman totally squealed in amusement at me falling.

Leave it to me to try to take the precautions of keeping myself from falling in slippery shoes…then ending up falling anyways without them. GOOD JOB MOLLI YOU GO MOLLI.

On the bright side we don’t have class Friday or Monday for Labor Day weekend.

2014 27th August

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I’m drowning in thumbnails and design briefs, but it’s okay! Midterm is tomorrow, and fall is almost here!

2014 18th August

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Sometimes your sister lives through an accident that could have hurt her. Sometimes you drink a lot of rum and cope instead of doing homework.

2014 10th August

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My sister was caught in the middle of a four car pile-up this afternoon. I am so beyond relieved that she is okay. She was stopped because of a car in front of her stopping on the highway for a giant trailer with a boat (who was stopped for no reason). The car that was behind my sister got hit by another car behind him, and he passed out at the wheel. The trailer with the boat drove away as soon as the accident happened.


2014 10th August

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Susan made me into an awesome doodle today.2014 31st July

Susan made me into an awesome doodle today.

2014 31st July

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The second week of school is tomorrow, and I’ve already been drowned in assignments. I am ready to take this quarter down.

2014 20th July

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My sister did a thing with my hair.2014 12th July

My sister did a thing with my hair.

2014 12th July

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