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This attempt at a 365 began on my Golden Birthday in 2013.
Let's see if you can keep up. I am not an adult.

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So every few months Ryan’s grandparents come into town and they do dinner on Saturday, and breakfast Sunday morning. His Grandma makes his entire family very on edge because she’s rude, outspoken (in a bad way), extremely paranoid, racist, and drinks way too much. For the love of God she told Ryan’s brother that if she ever saw his cats she’d put them in bags and throw them over bridges because she thinks they kill babies. What the actual fuck?

2014 4th October

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Things I need to focus on for portfolio:
  • Personal Identity and Identity System
    This requires making myself a logo, business card, letter head, and envelope.
  • 8 Page Promotional Booklet
  • Ad Campaign
    Series of 3 print ads, an environmental graphic, signage, and online component.
  • 4 Screen User Interface for any interactive digital interface
  • Book Cover/Innards Design
  • Non Youth Design
    Promoting a product/service that targets audiences ages 55+

I need to choose a client that may or may not exist for each of these things, and write a design brief for each one two weeks from now. I’m extremely nervous, but extremely excited to get started on developing what I can create for work.

2014 4th October

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I’m making a teriyaki chicken and rice casserole tonight for Ryan when he comes home from school. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a cute house wife who has never cooked chicken a day in her life and hopes to not poison anyone with her food. I also drink wine. That happens too.

2014 26th September

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The first time I’ve been able to breathe in weeks.

2014 September 24th

The first time I’ve been able to breathe in weeks.

2014 September 24th

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I got entirely too wrapped up in some very unprofessional drama between two of my instructors yesterday. All because of one comment I made about a comment made by one of the beginning students with a completely inappropriate tone.

Granted there were already problems arising without anything I had said, but I managed to spark an even bigger problem between my instructors. I didn’t even know I had did it, but I did it.

I wound up with one of my instructors (who was quitting and her last day was yesterday), a classmate, and myself walking to get breakfast after critique. The entirety of our walking to get food, and back to the school was her talking really terribly about the other instructor. She exposed some of her mental illnesses, and details about her life that were neither hers or my business. I didn’t have any idea what to say or do. I just listened.

I had to end up leaving class because the anxiety of knowing how much tension there was between two teachers partly because of something I said was really hard to deal with. These are two instructors that I respect more or less as far as their teachings. From the sounds of the way they were acting yesterday though, I’m not sure if I would want to be in contact with either of them outside of help with design work. I couldn’t believe the lack of maturity that I witnessed.

I slept way too late this morning and I feel like a zombie. I’m trying to finish a final, but it’s not coming along very well. I’ll probably end up eating something sugary to try and wake me up, and watch Modern Family. Yesterday was stupid.

2014 20th September

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I’m extremely over this week, this quarter, this month.
Bring me October and a different type of air.
2014 18th September

I’m extremely over this week, this quarter, this month.

Bring me October and a different type of air.

2014 18th September

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Whenever I see photos of us together on Timehop or any of my other social media sites I immediately become uncomfortable with the fact that we were even close. You didn’t appreciate me nearly as much as I appreciated you. There should’ve been a wall put between us much earlier than it did. I’m so glad you’re gone. I hope I never see you.

2014 18th September

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"Are you in love with me?"
“Good, cause I’m in love with you.”

2014 11th September

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